Business Pathways Certificate (BUSC)

Business Pathways Certificate (BUSC)

Note: The Business Pathways Certificate is not currently enrolling students.

The Business Pathways Certificate is designed for students who want to learn fundamental business concepts while also completing some of the required courses (general education requirements and basic business requirements) for an Associate of Applied Business degree.

Students admitted to one of the following Cincinnati State associate degree programs may wish to add the Business Pathways Certificate: Accounting, Business Management, Financial Services, Marketing Management, Hospitality Management, Supply Chain Management, or Pre-Business Administration.

High school students who are earning college credits through College Credit Plus may also wish to pursue the Business Pathways Certificate.

To ensure that courses taken as part of the certificate will apply to degrees earned at Ohio public universities, students should select electives that are part of the Ohio Transfer Module or the Ohio Transfer Assurance Guide. Certificate advisors assist students in choosing elective courses.

For more information, please contact the Business Technologies Division at (513) 569-1620.

Business Pathways Certificate (BUSC)

Semester 1LecLabCredits
ACC 101Financial Accounting 223
ECO 105Principles of Microeconomics 303
ENG 101English Composition 1 303
LAW 101Business Law 303
MKT 101Principles of Marketing 303
Semester 2  
ENG 10X English Composition Elective  303
MAT XXX Mathematics Elective  303
XXX XXX Arts/Humanities Elective or Natural/Physical Sciences Elective  303
XXX XXX Directed Elective 1  303
XXX XXX Directed Elective 2  303
Total Credits:  29230


English Composition Elective
ENG 102English Composition 2: Contemporary Issues3
ENG 103English Composition 2: Writing about Literature3
ENG 105English Composition 2: Business Communication3
Mathematics Elective (select one course)
College-level math:
MAT 111Business Mathematics3
MAT 115Pre-Statistics3
or, Ohio Transfer Module math:
MAT 131Statistics 13
MAT 151College Algebra4
MAT 215Business Calculus6
MAT 251Calculus 15
MAT 252Calculus 25
Directed Electives (select courses from two different subject areas)
ACC 102Managerial Accounting *3
ECO 110Principles of Macroeconomics **3
FIN 100Personal Finance3
FIN 150Business Finance3
IM 111Computer Applications 13
IM 120Electronic Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel3
IM 200Information Systems for Managers3
MGT 101Principles of Management3
Arts/Humanities Elective
Any Ohio Transfer Module course from ART, LIT, MUS, PHI, REL, THE, or COMM 130
Natural/Physical Sciences Elective
Any Ohio Transfer Module course from BIO, CHE, EVS, PSC, PHY

 Ohio Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) course


 Ohio Transfer Module course


Program Advisors

Michele Geers, CPA

Paula Kirch Smith, M.Ed. CHE