Pre-Engineering (PENG)

Pre-Engineering (PENG)

The Pre-Engineering program provides students with the academic foundation needed for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in engineering science, such as electrical, chemical, civil, mechanical, computer, or environmental engineering.

Students earn an Associate of Science degree and are prepared to enter their bachelor’s degree program with half of the required credits already completed.

Students must consult with their academic advisor before choosing electives, to ensure that elective courses meet the requirements of the college or university where they will complete their bachelor’s degree.

For more information, please contact the Center for Innovative Technologies at (513) 569-1743.

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Pre-Engineering (PENG)

Semester 1LecLabCredits
CIT 120Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications ( B) 425
CHE 131General Chemistry 1 Lab ( G) 031
ENG 101English Composition 1 ( G) 303
CHE 121General Chemistry 1 ( G) 404
FYE 1XX First Year Experience Elective (B)  101
XXX XXX Arts/Humanities Elective 1 (G)  303
Semester 2  
PHY 201Physics 1: Calculus-Based ( G) 425
MAT 251Calculus 1 ( G) 505
ENG 10X English Composition Elective (G)  303
XXX XXX Technical Elective (T)  223
Semester 3  
COMM 110Public Speaking ( G) 303
PHY 202Physics 2: Calculus-Based ( G) 425
MAT 252Calculus 2 ( B) 505
XXX XXX Arts/Humanities Elective 2 (G)  303
Semester 4  
CIT 130Engineering Programming with MATLAB ( T) 233
MAT 253Calculus 3 ( B) 505
XXX XXX Social Science Elective 1 (G)  303
XXX XXX Social Science Elective 2 (G)  303
Total Credits:  571463


First Year Experience Elective
FYE 100College Survival Skills1
FYE 105College Success Strategies2
FYE 110Community College Experience3
English Composition Elective
ENG 102English Composition 2: Contemporary Issues3
ENG 103English Composition 2: Topics in Literature3
ENG 104English Composition 2: Technical Communication3
ENG 105English Composition 2: Business Communication3
Arts/Humanities Electives6
Any Transfer Module course from ART, CULT, LIT, MUS, PHI, REL, THE
Technical Elective 13
Social Science Electives12
Any Transfer Module course from ECO, GEO, HST, LBR, POL, PSY, SOC

Program Chair consent required


Program Chair/Advisor

Professor George Armstrong, PE, PS, LS, BS