College-Wide Graduation Requirements

Students seeking the Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree must meet the general education requirements for the degrees as published in the Humanities and Sciences section of this Catalog.

As part of the graduation requirements for the Associate of Applied Business (AAB), Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Associate of Individualized Study (AIS), and Associate of Technical Study (ATS) degrees, a student must complete at least 15 credit hours in general education areas, distributed as follows:

Communication Skills6 credits
Arts/Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences6 credits
Mathematics3 credits

Communication Skills - 6 credits

6 credits Written Communication department code ENG

Arts/Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences - 6 credits selected from two of these areas:

Arts/Humanities, including:
Art department code ART2
Communication department code COMM1
Culture Studies department code CULT
Foreign Languages department code FRN,SPN
Literature department code LIT
Music department code MUS2
Philosophy department code PHI
Religion department code REL
Theatre department code THE2
Natural Sciences, including:
Biology department code BIO
Chemistry department code CHE
Environmental Science department code EVS
Physics department code PHY
Physical Science department code PSC
Social/Behavioral Sciences, including:
Economics department code ECO
Geography department code GEO
History department code HST
Labor Relations department code LBR
Political Science department code POL
Psychology department code PSY
Sociology department code SOC

Mathematics - 3 credits

3 credits Mathematics department code MAT

Students seeking an AAB, AAS, or ATS degree should consult the curriculum for their program, as published in this Catalog, to determine how the general education requirements should be met.

  • Individual degree programs may require students to complete program-specified general education courses, or may permit students to choose some general education elective courses.
  • Transfer credit for social science or humanities courses completed at another institution, in disciplines not listed above, may be applied toward Cincinnati State graduation requirements with the program chair’s permission.

Students seeking an AIS degree or an ATS degree not published in this Catalog must meet general education requirements established for the specific degree program.

Program Graduation Requirements

(Degree Audit Curriculum)

Requirements for each degree and certificate program at Cincinnati State are published each year in this Catalog. Students are expected to fulfill the requirements in effect for the catalog year they are admitted to the program. This set of requirements may be referred to as the student’s Academic Evaluation or Degree Audit curriculum.

Students readmitted to the College after an absence of one year or more are expected to fulfill the requirements in effect at the time of readmission.

In situations where coursework is five years old or older, or where requisite skills may have been lost, courses previously taken are subject to review by the program chair and dean. Those courses reviewed that do not meet current program requirements and standards will not count toward degree or certificate requirements.

Students should consult with their program chair or academic advisor to discuss any changes made to program requirements that could affect progress toward completing their degree or certificate program.