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Board of Trustees

Cathy CrainRetired Executive
Dr. Peter J. Kambelos, M.D., F.A.C.P.Health Care Executive
Laurie Nippert LeonardReal Estate Executive
Dr. Rajbir MinhasHealth Care Executive
Michael R. OestreicherAttorney
Robert J. RingelAttorney
John SilvermanReal Estate Developer
George VincentAttorney
Mark D. WaltonBanking Executive
Nancy StubbemanBoard Secretary

Executive Team

PresidentO'dell Moreno Owens, MD, MPH
Executive Administrative AssociateMichelle Donaldson
Interim, Director of AdministrationMichael Schweinfest, MEd
Assistant, Administrator of Capital ProjectsChristine Barrow
Academic Vice PresidentMonica Posey, EdD
Executive AssistantJanet Mitchell
Interim Vice President, Enrollment & Student DevelopmentSoni Hill
Executive AssistantLana Teetor
Vice President for Finance/TreasurerMichael Geoghegan, MBA, CPA
Exec. Asst./Purchasing Card AdministratorTosha Duritsch
Vice President, Information Technology/CIODavid Hickey, EdD
Executive AssistantJeanne Musick-Huber
Vice President, Marketing & CommunicationsJean Manning, MA
Exec. Asst./Communications CoordinatorKhalia Shaw
Director, Grant AdministrationLawra J. Baumann, Ph.D.
Vice President, Workforce Development CenterAmy Waldbillig
Executive AssistantLara Smith
Chief of Development Elliott Ruther
Executive Assistant Theresa Johnson

Academic Affairs

Academic Vice PresidentMonica Posey, EdD
Division Dean
Business TechnologiesNick Nissley, EdD
Center for Innovative TechnologiesDoug Bowling
Health and Public SafetyJean Chappell, EdD
Humanities and SciencesRobbin Hoopes, CI, MA, JD

Business Technologies Division

DeanNick Nissley, EdD
Associate DeanLinda S. Schaffeld, CPA
Acting Associate DeanTBD
Executive AssistantNadine Christman
Executive Assistant Lauren Todd
Academic AdvisorHolly Kunkle


Program ChairMichele Geers
Co-op CoordinatorMaya Franklin
FacultyYvonne Baker, CPA
Faculty J. David Fletcher, CPA
FacultyStani Kantcheva, CPA

Automotive Service Management

Program ChairChuck Butler
FacultyMike Mueller
Co-op CoordinatorBrian Hooten

Business Management / Marketing Technologies

Program Co-ChairPaula Kirch-Smith
Program Co-ChairOtis Williams
Co-op Coordinator Adam Waits
FacultyLaura Drake
FacultyJeffrey Lovins
Faculty Judy Marshall
FacultyLesli Rice

Dietetic Technology

Program ChairLaura Horn

Financial Services Technologies

Program ChairMeg Clark
Co-op CoordinatorMaya Franklin

Hospitality/Culinary Arts

Program ChairJeff Sheldon
Co-op CoordinatorFalicia Grace
Co-op Coordinator Scott Holubetz
FacultyDanny Bungenstock
FacultyMeg Galvin, Certified Executive Chef
Faculty Betsy LaSorella, ACF Certified Executive Pastry Chef
FacultyAlan Neace, ACF Certified Executive Chef

Information Management Technologies

Program ChairConnie Crossley
Co-op CoordinatorBrian Hooten
FacultyDavid Hensley
FacultyViola Johnson, EdD
FacultyColleen Meyer
FacultyLinda Schulte

Landscape Horticulture

Program ChairS. Mark Deacon
Co-op CoordinatorBrian Hooten
FacultyHeather Wiggins-Augustine
Greenhouse ManagerKelly Wanstrath

Pre-Business Administration

Program ChairMeg Clark
Co-op CoordinatorMaya Franklin

Supply Chain Management

Program Co-ChairPaula Kirch-Smith
Program Co-ChairOtis Williams
Co-op CoordinatorBrian Hooten
FacultyBrian Jaynes

Center for Innovative Technologies

DeanDoug Bowling
Associate DeanTBD
Interim Associate DeanKim McMillan
Executive AssistantMimi Albers
Executive AssistantJulie Rohling
Executive AssistantCarla Wermuth
Clerical AssistantLinda Gibbons
Senior Lab TechnicianWayne Herbers
Lab TechnicianRay Ellington
Lab TechnicianGail Quinlan
Lab TechnicianSteven Wells
Director of Audio/VideoBobby Gayol

Audio/Video Production

Program ChairDavid Killen
Co-op CoordinatorAndrea Feld
FacultyChristian Appleby

Aviation Maintenance Technology

Program ChairJames Schmid
Co-op CoordinatorKim Richards, EdD
FacultyEd Weichold
FacultyJeff Wright

Biomedical Equipment & Information Systems Technology

Program ChairRalph D. Whaley, Jr., PhD
Co-op CoordinatorKim Richards, EdD

Business Programming and Systems Analysis

Program ChairRobert Nields
Co-op CoordinatorNoelle Grome

Business Network Administration

Program ChairJeff Vetter
Co-op CoordinatorNoelle Grome

Chemical Technology

Program TechnologyAnn Fallon
Co-op CoordinatorJennifer Geiger
Co-op CoordinatorDoug Woodruff

Civil Engineering Technology

Program ChairCarol Morman, PE, PS
Co-op CoordinatorJennifer Geiger
Co-op CoordinatorDoug Woodruff
FacultyGeorge Armstrong, PE, PS
FacultyTom Burns, PhD, PE
FacultyJames Decker, PS
FacultyElias Feghali
FacultyRalph Wells

Computer Network Engineering Technology

Program ChairPaul Weingartner, PE
Co-op CoordinatorNoelle Grome

Computer Programming and Database Management

Program ChairBob Nields
Co-op CoordinatorAndrea Feld
FacultyRay Harmon

Computer Support and Administration

Program ChairJeff Vetter
Co-op CoordinatorNoelle Grome

Electronics Engineering Technology

Program ChairRalph D. Whaley, Jr., PhD
Co-op CoordinatorKim Richards, EdD
FacultyRon Singleton

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology

Program ChairLarry Feist
Co-op CoordinatorSue Dolan
FacultyAaron Bloomfield

Environmental Engineering Technology

Program ChairAnn Gunkel, PhD
Co-op CoordinatorJennifer Geiger
Co-op CoordinatorDoug Woodruff
FacultyAnn Fallon

Graphic Design

Program ChairJason Caudill
Co-op CoordinatorAndrea Feld
FacultyJoel Knueven

Graphic Imaging Technology

Program ChairKathy Freed
Co-op CoordinatorAndrea Feld

Health Information Technology

Program ChairRobert Nields
Co-op CoordinatorNoelle Grome

Industrial Design Technology

Program ChairJason Caudill
Co-op CoordinatorAndrea Feld

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Program ChairMike DeVore, PhD, PE
Co-op CoordinatorSue Dolan
FacultyDavid Simmermon
FacultyDavid Smith
FacultyAbigail Yee

Power Systems Engineering Technology

Program ChairRuss Campbell
Co-op CoordinatorKim Richards, EdD

Software Engineering Technology

Program ChairPat Callahan
Co-op CoordinatorNoelle Grome

Technical and Professional Communication

FacultyPam Ecker

Web and Multimedia Design

Program ChairDavid Hoctor
Co-op CoodinatorAndrea Feld

Health and Public Safety Division

DeanJean Chappell, EdD
Executive AssistantBridgett Redding
Clerical AssistantRuth Kirtley
Associate Dean - Allied HealthBessie Pitts, LPC, LSW
Associate Dean - NursingDenise Rohr, RN
Associate Dean - Health & Public SafetyJennifer Hall
Executive AssistantKatie Chiappone
Executive AssistantShelette Gibbs
Executive AssistantTamaree Smith
Health and Public Safety Lab ManagersTom Cholmondeley
Health and Public Safety Lab ManagersTom Kindig
Records Compliance ManagerNecole McGivens
Health Excel Services Retention CoordinatorLisa Lucas


Department ChairAaron Greene
Department ChairJulianna Johns
Department ChairGreg Klein
FacultyDave Bryan
FacultySusan Herking
FacultyBrandon Montoya
FacultyPeggy Rolfsen
FacultyMark Tiemeier

Bioscience Technology

Program ChairAaron Greene

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Program ChairJackie Turner, RDCS, RVT
FacultyCathy Ridsdale, RDMS, RVT
Clinical CoordinatorShawnya Wilborne, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

Emergency Medical Services Technology

Program ChairWilliam Mehbod, EMT-P
Faculty-Clinical CoordinatorRandall Benner
Program CoordinatorJohn Hale (PT)

Fire Service Technology

Program ChairWilliam Mehbod, EMT-P
Lab ManagerTerry Doherty
Assistant Program CoordinatorRandy McCreadie (PT)
Assistant Program Coordinators Scott Vinel (PT)

Health and Fitness Technology

Acting Program ChairJulie Cameron
FacultyMelinda Piles

Health Information Management

Program ChairCindy Kneip, RHIA

Health Information Technology

Program ChairCindy Kneip, RHIA

Health Sciences Technology

Program ChairDaphne Robinson, RHIT
Community Health Worker Certificate CoordinatorMary Kappesser, RN
Medication Aide Certificate & Nurse Aide Training Certificate CoordinatorMary Kappesser, RN

Law Enforcement

Program ChairWilliam Mehbod, EMT-P

Medical Laboratory Technology

Program ChairJanelle Gohn, PhD, MT(ASCP), SM
FacultyKellee Fields, MLT (ASCP), MLS

Medical Assistant Certificate

Program ChairSara Evans
Clinical CoordinatorBobbie Forbes, RN, NREMT


Program DirectorDenise Rohr, RN
Program Coordinator/Assistant DirectorJoanne Johnson, RN
Program ChairJanice Lockett, RN, RCVT
FacultySusan Bacher, RN, CNOR, CRNFA
FacultyCarolyn Boiman, RN
FacultyJanice Curry, RNC
FacultyJudith Faessler, RN, SANE/A, CNE
FacultyBrianne Findlan, RN
FacultyBeth Hamon, RN
FacultyJerelen Hancox, DNP, FNP-BC
FacultyAngela Hensley, DNP, FNP-BC
FacultyRoberta Hochmuth, RN, CNE
FacultyNicole Kuhlenberg, RN
FacultySherri Lipscomb, RN, CNE
FacultyDon Lozier, RN
FacultyAlice Mathew, RN
FacultyConnie Rose, RN-BC
FacultyDorothy Varchol, RN-BC
Senior Lab ManagerSharon Sawicki, RN
Lab ManagerMarianne Conroy, RN

Practical Nursing Certificate

Program DirectorDenise Rohr, RN
Program ChairRobin Everhart, RN
FacultySusan Batory, RN
FacultySarajane Blatt, RN
FacultyNikki Howard, RN
FacultyCinda Siekbert, RN
FacultyRobin Sinex, RN
FacultyEileen Stork, RN
Executive Assistant Tamaree Smith
Medication Aide CertificateMary Meiser
Nurse Aide Training CertificateMary Meiser
Patient Care Assistant CertificateMary Meiser

Occupational Therapy Assistant Technology

Program ChairClaudia Miller, OTD, CAPS, OTR/L
Academic Fieldwork CoordinatorCindy Kief, CAPS, COTA/L, ROH

Public Safety Technology

AdvisorWilliam Mehbod, EMT-P

Respiratory Care Technology

Program Chair & Director of Clinical Educ.Mike Chaney, RRT
FacultyJulie Klensch, RRT

Surgical Technology

Program ChairWanda Dantzler, RN, CNOR, CRCST
FacultyKatherine Wolfer, RN, CNOR

Humanities and Sciences Divisions

DeanRobbin Hoopes, CI, MA, JD
Associate DeanAngela Haensel
Associate DeanShirley E. PIazza, EdD
Executive AssistantAnnette Clark
Executive AssistantBrenda Smith
Clerical AssistantYvonne Mays
Cooperative Education CoordinatorJayne Martin Dressing
Part-time Cooperative Education CoordinatorMark Bertram
Part-time AdvisorChristopher Bukas
Part-time AdvisorElizabeth Daniel
Senior Science Laboratory TechnicianLarry Hollmaier
Tutoring/Success Center DirectorDebbie Greenlee
Writing Center ManagerTerence Endres

Addiction Studies

Department ChairCrystall Bossard, MSW

Associate of Arts & Associate of Science

Program ChairJennifer Martin


Department ChairMary Repaske, PhD
Department ChairLaura Morris

Communication and Theater

Department ChairCarla Gesell-Streeter
FacultyGregory Hudson
FacultyLeesha Thrower, PhD

Early Childhood Education

Program ChairSandra Owen
FacultyHolly McArthur

English and Literature

Department ChairGeoffrey Woolf
FacultyDavid Brown
FacultyMeredith Effler
FacultyRonnie Gladden
FacultyRobert Jakubovic
FacultyNancy King
FacultyAndrea Leslie, PhD
FacultyZach Litton
FacultyChantae Recasner, PhD
FacultyAlyce Thompson
FacultyDaniel Todd

English as a Second Language (ESL)

FacultyAndrea Cheng

First Year Experience

Program ChairJulie McLaughlin
FacultyKatharine Blanton
FacultyMariane Niese

Humanities and Foreign Languages

Department ChairSamuel Rowe
FacultyRosa Maria Moreno

Interpreter Training

Program ChairDawn Caudill, CI, CT, NAD5
FacultyAnthony Merchinsky
Interpreter/ITP AssistantJessica Minges, NIC
Language Lab CoordinatorDiana Hickham
Interpreter/Interpreter CoordinatorKristen Bowen


Department Co-ChairMichael House
Department Co-ChairJanet Schlaak
FacultyScott Freeman
FacultyMary Frey
FacultyScott Horn
FacultyWilliam Wunderlich, PE


Department ChairEdward Sunderhaus
FacultyTerry Flesch, PhD

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department Co-ChairPaul Davis, EdD
Department Co-ChairHeather Hatchett, PhD
Department Co-ChairJennifer Jackson, MSW
FacultyDaniel Anderson
FacultyCrystal Bossard, MSW
FacultyRonald Craig, PhD
FacultySiamak Salehi
FacultyJuliann Bosko Young, PhD

Academic Foundations

Department Co-ChairStephanie Stafford
Department Co-ChairMichael Filsinger
Department Co-ChairJoanne Steelman
FacultyBrad Levy
FacultyCatherine Orsini
FacultySteven Richburg
Department Co-ChairSandra Buschmann
Department Co-ChairNancy Wright
FacultyGail Bradstreet
FacultyRobert Huxell
FacultyRyan Shadle

Other Academic Offices

Distance Education

DirectorJean Wisuri
eLearning SpecialistAlice Finkelstein
Technical Communications Specialist, Web DeveloperPaul D. DeNu

Honors Program

Program ChairAndrea Leslie, PhD

Off-Campus Programs

DirectorTimothy Mott, PhD
ManagerLorrie Cox

Johnnie Mae Berry Library

DirectorCindy Sefton
Acquisitions and PurchasingKaren Douglas
CirculationVirginia Witte
Evening Circulation & SerialsMyra Justus
Circulation AssistantDon Vernatter
Information Services CoordinatorKathleen Pickens
Part-Time Reference LibrarianBrigid Almaguer
Part-Time Reference LibrarianJordan Curtis
Part-Time Reference LibrarianSarah Whalen
Technical Services Coordinator & ArchivistTracey Stivers
Technical Services AssistantNatalie Long

Administrative Affairs

Admission Office

Interim Director of AdmissionSarah Leggesse
Recruitment AssistantBethany Hansen
Recruitment AssistantKevin Wesselman
College RepresentativeKandis Bobo (Middletown Campus)
College RepresentativeRegina Poole (Clifton Campus)
College RepresentativePaige Jessee (Clifton Campus)
College RepresentativeBranden Rudie (Middletown Campus)
Campus RepresentativeJamie L. Solomon (Clifton Campus)
Data Entry SpecialistToki Adeyemon
Data Entry SpecilalistStacey White
Testing CenterKasey Hall
Testing Center AssistantRenee Bransford


Athletic DirectorTom Hathaway
Sports Information DirectorMike Gennaria
Men's Basketball CoachAndre Tate
Women's Basketball CoachSonya Beeler
Golf CoachScott Webb
Men's Soccer CoachMike Combs
Women's Soccer CoachWil Cagle
Women's Volleyball CoachKristy Parrill
Fitness Center ManagerMike Combs

Campus Event Scheduling

Scheduling System Functional AdministratorFrances Cottle

Cincinnati State Studios

Video Director/ProducerPaul Grundy

College Access Programs

DirectorBari Ewing
Executive AssistantArlene Brown

Veterans’ Upward Bound

Assistant DirectorTBD
Education SpecialistRochell Prater

Student Support Services

Assistant DirectorTBD
Academic CoachSandra Dees
Academic CoachJaRhonda Staples

Traditional Upward Bound

Assistant DirectorJustine Clark-Lomax
Academic AdvisorRegina Macklin
TutorKevin Drake
TutorAndrew Upton

Educational Opportunity Center

Assistant DirectorMary Horan
College Information SpecialistIsabel Brown
TutorAl Brodbeck
TutorAndrew Upton

Development Office

Chief of DevelopmentElliott Ruther
Executive Director of DevelopmentCasondra Cooper
Assistant Director of DevelopmentBrittany Collins
Alumni & Annual Fund ManagerKim Taylor
Foundation LiaisonTheresa Johnson
Development Coordinator(Leslie) Patrice Sanders
Accounting ConsultantJulie Flammer

Cincinnati State Foundation

Chief of DevelopmentElliott Ruther
Administrative AssistantTheresa Johnson

Enrollment and Student Development

Interim Vice PresidentSoni Hill
Executive AssistantLana Teetor
Associate Dean Enrollment & Student DevelopmentSharon Davis
Interim Office of Admission DirectorSarah Leggesse
RegistrarJason Moore
Office of Financial Aid DirectorLaSaundra Craig
College Access Programs DirectorBari Ewing
Student ActivitiesAndrea Milani
Mallory Child Care CenterBeverly McGlasson

Advising Center

Associate Dean Enrollment and Student DevelopmentSharon Davis
Advising Center DirectorTemesha Corbin-Christian
Executive AssistantShelly Walker-Steele
Clerical AssistantKaren Roundtree
Clerical AssistantTBD

Academic Advisors – Advising Center

AA/AS Academic AdvisorCassandra Scott
AA/AS/NDS Part-time AdvisorSusan Munn
AA/AS/NDS Part-time AdvisorHui Malotke
Business TechnologiesJohnna Bradley
Business TechnologiesDenise Gabrelski
Business Technologies Part-time AdvisorTBD
Center for Innovative Technologies AdvisorDarlene Gray
Center for Innovative Technologies AdvisorBernell Prince
Center for Innovative Technologies AdvisorDr. Derrick Jenkins III
Health & Public Safety Technologies AdvisorDr. Althealia Barnes-Bell
Health & Public Safety Technologies AdvisorDr. Effie Rosa
Health & Public Safety Technologies AdvisorLaurie Malone
Health & Public Safety Technologies Part-time AdvisorBeth DeMark
Midldletown Academic Advisors All ProgramsLinda Romero-Smith
Midldletown Academic Advisors All ProgramsMark Harris, Part-time

Counseling Services

CounselorGary Boyle
CounselorDr. Timothy Barron
CounselorNeisha Wiley
Part-time CounselorJohn Wagoner (Middletown Campus)
Office of Disability Services ManagerPamela Goines
Disability Services AssistantVicki Schwertman
Disability Services AideDebbie Klug

Environmental and Public Safety

Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police Michael Wylie
Operations Manager/Captain Karen Patterson


Vice President for Finance/TreasurerMichael Geoghegan, MBA, CPA
Executive Assistant/Purchasing Card AdministratorTosha Duritsch
Assistant Treasurer (Bursar)Dan Ramsey
Cashier ManagerSherry Boulding
CashierMary Francis Hutchinson
CashierDionna Malone
Student AccountsCynthia R. Dameron-Yee
Student AccountsDiane McConnell
Student AccountsDiane Taft

Budget and Financial Planning

Vice President for Finance and TreasurerMichael Geoghegan, MBA, CPA
Purchasing Card Administrator/Assistant to VP FinanceTosha Duritsch
Assistant Treasurer (Bursar)Dan Ramsey
Cashier ManagerSherry Boulding
CashierMary Francis Hutchinson
CashierDionna Malone
Student AccountsCynthia R. Dameron-Yee
Student AccountsDiane McConnell
Student AccountsDiane Taft
Student AccountsMike Thompson
Controller and Director, Budget and Financial PlanningBill Quattrone
Budget AnalystRami Masri
Accounting SpecialistRuth Miller
Accounts Payable ManagerCharlie Johnson
Accounts Payable ClerkVirginia Klein
Property AccountHarry Bradley
Payroll ManagerKathy Moore
Payroll AssistantDeb Meadows
Reporting and Grant AccountantSarah Fread
Reporting and Grant AccountantTony Cowden
Senior Director, PurchasingBrian Frank
Associate Director, Purchasing & Materials Mgmt.Jeff Cook
Purchasing AssistantMelissa Scott
Distribution/Graphic Arts Center ManagerJimmy Turner
Distribution Expediter IIJohn Thomas
Distribution Expediter IIRichard Wendling
Graphic Arts SupervisorLinda Golightly
Small Press OperatorCedric Vernon
Digital Imaging SpecialistAnna Reatherford

Financial Aid

DirectorLa Saundra Craig
Assistant DirectorJennifer Cutter
Assistant DirectorSara Shaver
Executive AssistantSharon Timon
Data Retention SpecialistGail Griffin
Clerical AssistantAnna Bonapfel
Clerical AssistantAimee Boley
Financial Aid AdvisorJesse Brown
Financial Aid AdvisorBrittani Cox
Financial Aid AdvisorDestiny Howard
Financial Aid AdvisorRon Jackson Jr.
Financial Aid AdvisorLeah Patrick
Financial Aid AdvisorWesley Williams

Government & Community Affairs

DirectorNan Kohnen Cahall

Harrison Campus

Aviation Maintenance Technology Program ChairJames Schmid
Clerical AssistantLinda Gibbons
Manager, Cincinnati West AirportWill Berninger

Health Professions Pathways(H2P) Dept. of Labor Grant

National Consortium DirectorMarianne Krismer, EdD
Grant AccountantTony Cowden
Executive AssistantKristin Donaldson

Human Resources

DirectorBetty Young
Manager, Labor RelationsStephen Brook
Manager, Talent AcquisitionMarilyn Phipps
Manager, HRIS Benefits and CompensationGonzalo Comacho
HR CoordinatorJackie Flynn
Executive Assistant ITerri Reynolds
Receptionist Ione Klekamp

Information Technology Services

Vice President for Information Technology/CIODavid Hickey Ed.D
Assistant to the VP/CIOJeanne Musick-Huber
Executive Director, Application Development & SecurityFrankie Baker
ERP/Colleague SupervisorUma Gowda
AnalystPhil Rettig
AnalystLuke Franks
ProgrammerZack Braun
ProgrammerCara Benz
Multimedia Production SpecialistChris Higginbotham
Enterprise Resource Planning AnalystCody Wang
AnalystLynn Fernando
Enterprise and Infrastructure ManagerRandy Sprague
Network Systems AdministratorTim Dewald
Network Systems AdministratorEric Capal
Blackboard System AnalystTracy Prestopino
Telecommunication AnalystAnthony Philpot
Network Systems AnalystGary Story
Network Systems AdministratorNathan Weddle
Sharepoint/VMWare Systems AdministratorBrett Andress
UNIX Systems AnalystS-Chi (Dan) Chern
End User and Classroom Support ManagerPatricia Edwards
End User and Classroom Support SupervisorEric Hermecz
Senior Lab TechnicianAlan Spinnenweber
End User and Classroom Support SpecialistWilliam Brinkmann
Coordinator, Instructional MultimediaDebbie Powers
Lead Lab Technician/HelpdeskJodie Driggs
Lab Technician/HelpdeskLisa Grant
Lab Technician/HelpdeskCarmine Santoro
Lab Technician/HelpdeskJames Pemberton
Lab Technician/Open LabDavid Shives
Telephone/Computer OperatorDenise Brown
Classroom Media ManagerJim Krailler
Classroom Media TechnicianNorbert Thomas
Instructional DesignerJon P. McKamey

Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Senior DirectorAnne Foster
Executive AssistantSandy Barlion
Senior Research AnalystLynn Sadowski
Research AnalystMichelle Ford
Research AnalystRegina Krahenbuhl
Data ManagerLeeAnn Perkins

International Student Affairs

International Student AdvisorBryan Wright
Executive AssistantKrystal Hayes

Marketing and Communications

Vice PresidentJean M. Manning
Executive Assistant/Communications CoordinatorKhalia Shaw
Marketing & Promotions AdministratorJackie Norton
Director, New Media and Website CommunicationsLee Jones
Director, Graphic DesignAlex Dellis-Harcha
Media Relations/Communications CoordinatorRobert White
Director, Audio/Visual for Marketing and CommunicationsBobby Gayol

Middletown Campus

Interim DirectorDr. Kelly Cowan
Assistant DirectorJudy Bober
Assistant DirectorTom Hale
Director of MarketingDavid Beeman
Campus OfficerPatrick Albright
Campus OfficerKay Harrison-Smith
CashierSally Phillabaum
Student Services SpecialistLaura Marker-Bearhs
Student Services SpecialistKim Collins
Student Services SpecialistMia Sanders
Middletown Business Manager, WDCJim Bax
Academic AdvisorLinda Romero-Smith
Academic AdvisorMark Harris
Admissions RepresentativeKandise Bobo
Admissions RepresentativeBranden Rudie

Midwest Culinary Institute

Executive Director, Midwest Culitary InstituteJoe Moss
Purchasing and Facilities Manager, MCILilly Burdsall
Central Receiving Operations Manager, MCIJohn Olzak
Bakery Hill ManagerMichael Vanfleet
Executive Chef MCI & Summit RestaurantSean Kagy
Special Events ManagerRuth Ann Kanitz

Overlook Café

Chef de Cuisine/ManagerMichael Carver
SupervisorDawanna Brown
Events ManagerRuth Ann Kanitz
Cost System SpecialistDiana Stephenson

Pathway to Employment Center

DirectorRegina Livers
Executive Assistant IISharon Brown
Business Development/Retention Specialist - HealthDanielle Fuller
Business Development/Retention Specialist - Advanced ManufacturingChristine Yancey
Data ManagerLeeAnn Perkins
Career Mapping Specialist - Advanced ManufacturingJeffrey Scott
Tutor - Advanced ManufacturingMyshamil Walker
Recruiter/Advisor - Advanced ManufacturingTBD
Recruiter/Advisor - Supply Chain & WeldingTBD

Physical Facilities

Director of FacilitiesMichael Schweinfest
Facilities Business SpecialistChristine Barrow
Facilities Field ManagerTyrone Walton
Green Sustainability Manager and Energy CoordinatorThomas Ehmett
Project ManagerRob Epling
Grounds SupervisorKim Vasko

Environmental Services

ManagerTyrone Walton, EFP
1st Shift Trade Crew Coordinator - Environmental ServicesTony Waite
2nd Shift Trade Crew Coordinator - Environmental ServicesMichael Douglas
Environmental Services TechnicianSharon Anderson
Environmental Services TechnicianJames Ball
Environmental Services TechnicianJulie Caudill
Environmental Services TechnicianRuben Irons
Environmental Services TechnicianJeff McQueen
Environmental Services TechnicianBrian Pharris
Environmental Services TechnicianGeorge Simmons
Environmental Services TechnicianCharles Stokes
Environmental Services TechnicianSam Streety
Environmental Services TechnicianFrederick Thomas
Environmental Services TechnicianChris Tombs
Environmental Services TechnicianNorval Johnson


ManagerThomas Ehmett
SupervisorKim Vasko
Landscape and Grounds TechnicianAndy Chapman
Landscape and Grounds TechnicianAndy McMullen
Landscape and Grounds TechnicianDave Miller
Landscape and Grounds TechnicianBrian Blamer


ManagerThomas Ehmett
Interim Trade Crew CoordinatorDave Corso
Maintenance TechnicianRobert Beckum
Maintenance TechnicianMike Mays
Maintenance TechnicianGreg Geiman
Maintenance TechnicianStan Hines
Maintenance TechnicianRobin Necessary
Maintenance TechnicianMatthew Thibodeaux

Plant Engineering

ManagerThomas Ehmett
Trade Crew CoordinatorJoe Hollingsworth
Plant Engineering/HVAC TechnicianKurt Beuerlein
Plant Engineering/HVAC TechnicianPhillip Clay


RegistrarArrick Jason Moore
Assistant Registrar for Transfer ServicesLois Von Handorf
Transfer Data SpecialistCarolyn Kelley
Transfer Data Entry SpecialistLauren Magee
Academic Records CoordinatorTBD
Registrar Specialist-Academic RecordsSharon McGraw
Clerical AssistantMartin "Chip" Rickard
Registration SupervisorKaren Magness-Lewe
Clerical AssistantMary “Kathy” Reynolds
Clerical AssistantSabrina Stephens
Scheduling SupervisorLois Tiernan
Registrar Specialist-SchedulingMelissa Foster

Student Activities

DirectorAndrea Milani
Executive AssistantMary Beth Barnes

Student Success and Retention

Executive DirectorSoni Hill
Executive AssistantNancy Stubbemann

CState Accelerate 

DirectorKatrina Rugless
Academic CoachBrittany Coppoolse
Academic CoachDavid Evans

Veteran Student Affairs

Veterans CoordinatorDarrell Smith
Veterans Certifying OfficialCarla Jordan

William Mallory Early Learning Center

Center DirectorBeverly McGlasson
Lead Teacher-Infant RoomAnn Beiting
Assistant Teacher-Infant RoomLydia Howard
Lead Teacher-Toddler RoomJacqueline Kelley
Assistant Teacher-Toddler RoomBettie Johnson
Lead Teacher Young Preschool RoomRobin Moore
Lead Teacher Older Preschool RoomJennifer Miller

Workforce Development Center

Vice President Workforce DevelopmentAmy Waldbillig, MPA
Executive AssistantLara Smith
Operations ManagerBrian O'Keefe

Business Managers

MiddletownJim Bax
HAZMAT, Rescue & SafetyBrian Canteel
Industrial Maintenance & Green TechnologyJim Bax
Professional DevelopmentTBD
Health BusinessBrian Canteel
Client Manager SpecialistMarianne McCabe
Client Manager SpecialistSusan Ware
Business Manager, Special ProjectsJames Kleemeier
Assistant Business ManagerJerry Whitaker
Assistant Business ManagerJason Harper
MSSC Training ManagerRobert Jones
Program/Curriculum Developer (part time)Bob Cutajar
Health Business Project and QA CoordinatorErin Sarvis
Health Business Project and QA CoordinatorErin Sarvis