Associate of Individualized Study

Cincinnati State offers the Associate of Individualized Study (AIS) degree to meet unique career education needs for students whose career objectives cannot be achieved through one of the existing associate’s degree programs offered by the College.

A student who wishes to be considered for admission to an AIS program must:

  1. Meet with the program chair for the Associate of Arts/Associate of Science degree. This meeting is used to make a preliminary determination of whether the student’s request for an AIS program is likely to be approved. If approval seems likely, an academic advisor for the AIS program is assigned.
  2. Consult with the assigned academic advisor, who assists the student in planning the curriculum for the AIS program. This curriculum must include no fewer than 60 total credits, and must include all College-wide graduation requirements.
  3. Complete all College admissions requirements, as described in the Admissions Information section of this Catalog.
  4. Write and deliver to the assigned academic advisor a justification of the proposed degree program, including a statement of career goals and an explanation of why another associate’s degree program would not be appropriate.

The student’s academic advisor presents the proposed AIS curriculum to the College’s Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee (APCC) for approval. The APCC approves or denies the AIS program proposal. The APCC may seek additional information and/or suggest modifications to the proposed AIS curriculum prior to taking action.

If the proposed AIS is approved, the student is admitted to the AIS program. If the proposed AIS is denied, the student may wish to apply to another associate’s degree program.