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CHE 110 Fundamentals of Chemistry 4 Credits. 3 Lecture Hours. 3 Lab Hours.

A college-level general chemistry course for non-majors. Topics include: atomic structure, bonding, chemical reactions, properties and states of matter, acids and bases, and equilibrium.
Prerequisites: MAT 096 or MAT 105 or MAT 124 or appropriate Math placement, and FYE 120 or placement into ENG 101 (minimum grade C for all)
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Ohio Transfer Module Approved

Graduation Requirements

...2 1 Excluding COMM 110 2 Excluding studio...BIO Chemistry department code CHE Environmental Science department...

Courses Earned through CLEP Exam Credit

...Chemistry 66 and above CHE 121 : General Chemistry...55 and above PSY 110 : Introduction to Psychology...