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FYE 110 College Success Strategies: Practice and Application 3 Credits. 3 Lecture Hours. 0 Lab Hour.

A comprehensive orientation to college life with community building activities. Topics include: effective communication; campus resources; academic planning; goal setting; time, stress, and financial management; critical thinking; study and test-taking skills; diversity; budgeting; social and emotional intelligence; personal health and wellness; and educational and career planning. Students must complete one FYE course in their first semester at Cincinnati State.
Prerequisites: None
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First Year Experience (FYE) Requirement

All Cincinnati State students who enroll in a degree program are required to  complete a First Year Experience (FYE) course as part of the first semester of classes taken at Cincinnati State .

Graduation Requirements

...101 is required) FYE 105 College Success Strategies: Overview and Application FYE 110 College Success...