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PN 101 Practical Nursing Concepts 1 8 Credits. 5 Lecture Hours. 9 Lab Hours.

An introduction to the practical nursing role with applications of basic nursing skills in lab, simulation, and clinical settings. Topics include: pharmacology, safety, nursing process, nursing history and law, and alterations in health.
Prerequisites: Admitted to the Practical Nursing Certificate program, high school biology and chemistry within the past 7 years, and STNA (minimum grade C for all courses)
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Pre-Nutrition Science (PNS)

The Pre-Nutrition Science program prepares students for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in nutrition science, dietetics with emphasis on business or exercise, or other dietetics-related programs. Students who complete the Pre-Nutrition Science program earn an Associate of Science degree and are well prepared to enter a four-year degree program at various institutions in the region.

Practical Nursing Certificate (PNC)

The Cincinnati State Practical Nursing Certificate program offers classes at the Clifton Campus. The program is structured to be completed in three continuous semesters of study.

The Cincinnati State Bethesda School of Nursing (NUR)

The Cincinnati State Bethesda School of Nursing prepares graduate nurses who are eligible to take the standardized nursing examination , National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) and upon passing, work as registered nurses.