Public Safety and Emergency Services

The Public Safety programs offer associate's degrees and certificates related to a variety of professional roles in public safety fields. These programs allow participants to learn new skills or update the knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively on the job.

The Emergency Medical Services program offers an associate's degree with two majors:

  • Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic Management - This associate's degree prepares students for supervisory and administrative roles within the field of Emergency Medical Services.
  • Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic Science - This associate's degree prepares students for careers in Emergency Medical Services research or education, or employment in a hospital emergency department.
  • Two certificates are offered also:
    • Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Certificate - The certificate covers the skills needed to care for patients at the scene of an accident or illness and while transporting patients by ambulance to the hospital. Students who complete the certificate are eligible to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians cognitive and practical examinations.
    • Paramedic Certificate - Students who have already earned an EMT certificate may continue their education by entering the Paramedic certificate program. After completing the certificate, students are eligible to take the National Registry exam.

The Fire Service Technology associate's degree program prepares students for entry-level jobs in fire service as a firefighter/emergency medical technician.

  • The Fire Service Leadership associate's degree provides knowledge and skills to certified firefighters who are interested in furthering their careers. Firefighters must have at least five years of experience prior to beginning the second-year curriculum of this program.
  • The Fire Service Certificate provides specific education, training, and skills needed to obtain employment at a fire department.

For more information, please contact the Health and Public Safety Division at (513) 569-1670.