Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer

Cincinnati State offers multiple opportunities for college credit to be awarded for prior learning, including transferring credit from other regionally-accredited colleges; earning credit from standardized testing scores; obtaining credit for career tech prep courses, industry credentials, and military service and/or training; and proving proficiency via internal exam or test-out. Students may use any of the methods described in this catalog to have this credit included on their Cincinnati State transcript and have it evaluated for applicability to their program of study.

Any credits earned through methods other than by taking a Cincinnati State course will appear on a student’s transcript as the cumulative number of credit hours accepted, and these credits will not count toward the Colleges institutional Residency Requirement or the student's grade point average (GPA).  

All college-level credit earned at Cincinnati State is transferable as regionally-accredited coursework. Students may request that their official transcripts be sent to any receiving institution by following the procedure established by the Registrar’s office. The college or university receiving the transcript from Cincinnati State has the final say in how that coursework is applied to degree requirements at that institution. Developmental Education (Academic Foundation) level credits may not be transferable.  

Residency Requirement for Degree Programs

Students seeking a degree at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, except those seeking the Associate of Technical Study degree or Associate of Individualized Study degree, must complete at least 30 credit hours of college-level coursework at Cincinnati State.  

For students seeking an Associate of Applied Business or Associate of Applied Science degree, at least 15 of the 30 credit hours described above must be college-level, technical coursework (as identified in the associate's degree program Academic Evaluation) required for their program at Cincinnati State. The resident credit hours required for the degree program are applicable to the College residency requirement. 

Advanced standing credit is not applicable to the College residency requirement. Credit earned at Cincinnati State through the Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection (formerly the Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities) is applicable to the College residency requirement. 

In Associate of Technical Study and Associate of Individualized Study programs, the residency requirement is that no fewer than 20 credits must be completed at Cincinnati State. 

Students who transfer to Cincinnati State from another accredited Ohio college or university with a completed Ohio Transfer 36 are subject to the guidelines in the State of Ohio Policy for Institutional Transfer statement found elsewhere in this Catalog. 

Residency Requirement for Certificate Programs

To qualify for a certificate, students must be admitted to a certificate program, fulfill the certificate program requirements, complete a minimum of 50 percent of their certificate program requirements at Cincinnati State, attain at least a 2.0 cumulative and program GPA, and (if applicable) submit a petition to graduate.