Transferring College Credit

Cincinnati State's Policy for Transfer of Credit

The Cincinnati State Policy for Transfer of Credit is in compliance with the Ohio Department of Higher Education Transfer and Articulation Policy, published at 

Coursework earned at a regionally-accredited institution of higher education with a grade of D or better will be accepted as transfer credit. Courses completed prior to Fall 2005 at a regionally accredited institution in which a passing grade of C was earned are also transferable. 

Students who successfully completed an associate’s degree or higher-level degree at a regionally-accredited institution prior to Fall 2005 with a 2.0 or better overall grade point average also receive credit for all college-level courses they passed. After the evaluation of transfer work is complete, the student receives by email a Transfer Evaluation Report, which lists all credits awarded in transfer and the equivalent Cincinnati State courses that have been assigned. In the event no equivalent course at Cincinnati State can be assigned, the transfer course is accepted as elective credit. Whether the courses accepted as elective credit are applicable to the student’s degree or certificate program is at the discretion of the program chair or academic advisor. At the same time the Transfer Evaluation Report is provided, the student will be informed of the College's appeals process. 

In situations where coursework is five years old or older, or where requisite skills may have been lost, courses previously taken at other institutions are subject to review by the faculty and dean of the division that offers the equivalent course(s). Those courses reviewed that do not meet current program requirements and standards will not count toward degree or certificate requirements. 

Transfer credit accepted at Cincinnati State appears on a student’s transcript as a cumulative number of hours accepted.  

To receive credit for transferred courses on a Cincinnati State transcript, the official record must be sent from the institution of higher education at which the credit was earned.  In cases where a student has attended multiple colleges or universities, or earned College Credit Plus (CCP) credit elsewhere, the official transcript from each institution must be sent in order for all credit to be awarded. Transcripts should be sent to the Office of the Registrar.

Cincinnati State Ohio Transfer 36 Appeal Process

If a student transferring into Cincinnati State is dissatisfied with the credit awarded as part of the Ohio Transfer 36 (formerly Ohio Transfer Module) program of the State of Ohio, an internal appeal process and an external appeal process are both available. 

The internal appeal process must be utilized first. At Cincinnati State, the internal appeal process for a student dissatisfied with credit awarded as part of the Ohio Transfer 36 program is the College's Academic Appeals Procedure, described elsewhere in this catalog.  

The external appeal process may be utilized only after the internal appeal process has been completed and the student remains dissatisfied with the College’s award of credit. The external appeal will be conducted by the Statewide Appeals Review Committee. More information is available from the Ohio Department of Higher Education at