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PSY 105 Psychology of Leadership 4 Credits. 2 Lecture Hours. 4 Lab Hours.

A course on developing leadership and peer mentoring skills. Topics include: holistic, group, and individual leadership; leadership for diversity; and academic retention strategies. Students serve as peer leaders and must attend at least 70% of class sessions for the course they are leading.
Prerequisites: FYE 100 or FYE 105 or FYE 110 or HNR 100 and placement into ENG 101, or FYE 120
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Courses Earned through CLEP Exam Credit

...above PSY 110 : Introduction to Psychology 3 Introductory Sociology 56 and above SOC 105 : Introduction...

Graduation Requirements

...POL Psychology department code PSY Sociology department code...101 is required) FYE 105 College Success Strategies...

Courses Earned through AP Exam Credit

...Microeconomics 3-5 ECO 105 : Principles of Microeconomics...5 Psychology 3-5 PSY 110 : Introduction to...