Financial Information


Setting the cost of attending Cincinnati State

The Ohio Department of Higher Education provides a “state share of instruction” subsidy to Cincinnati State for each Ohio resident enrolled, along with other types of financial support.

However, the total revenues received from the state are less than half of the College’s annual operating costs. The balance must come from tuition, fees, and other sources.

As with most institutions of higher education, Cincinnati State charges a higher tuition rate to out-of-state students since the College does not receive a subsidy to pay for their education.

Because of reciprocity agreements that have been negotiated with government officials in Kentucky and Indiana, however, residents in those states who live within commuting distance of Cincinnati State can obtain in-state tuition rates for most programs. Additional information about these agreements is in the Residency section of this catalog.

Making college affordable

The Cincinnati State Office of Financial Aid assists in making college affordable, by helping current and prospective students learn about and apply for available grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study programs.

To contact the Financial Aid Office on Clifton Campus:
Phone: (513) 569-1530