Course Descriptions

Cooperative Education/Experiential Learning Courses

Each degree program that includes cooperative education and internship experiences has a set of assigned courses. All co-op and internship courses follow the model shown below. Each time a student registers for a co-op or intership experience, a different course number will be required.

  • Part-Time co-op registration uses course numbers 191 through 196
  • Full-Time co-op registration uses course numbers 291 through 293
  • Internship registration uses course numbers 294 and 295

Within this Catalog only the first part-time co-op, full-time co-op, and/or internship course is listed for each program.

Clinical experience courses in various degree programs uses course numbers that are different from those shown here. All clinical courses are listed in the Catalog.

Students with questions about co-op registration should talk to their academic Program Chair or Cooperative Education Coordinator for additional information.