Computer Programming and Database Management

The work done by graduates of the Computer Programming and Database Management programs plays a major role in our daily lives. Computer programming and database design and access provide users of computers with information resources; access to the internet for individual, public, and commercial uses; and control of systems used in varied businesses and industrial applications.

All of the Computer Programming and Database Management associate's degree programs prepare graduates to successfully enter the workforce and advance professionally in technical and management careers, or to continue their education in a bachelor’s degree program.

The Computer Programming and Database Management department offers three majors, each leading to an Associate of Applied Science degree. The department also offers a certificate program.

  • The Computer Information Systems Major (CINS) focuses on the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of software used in a variety of industries. Students gain knowledge of computer operating systems and software development using several programming languages. Students also gain knowledge of core practices in business and/or health care, depending on their focus. 
  • The Computer Software Development Major (CSD) is an online program that prepares students to design, code, and implement various types of web and database applications using state-of-the-art development tools. All courses in this program can be completed online.
  • The Software Engineering Technology Major (SET) provides extensive training in computer programming. Students also gain knowledge of core math and science concepts and skills, and select a technical concentration to enhance their technical skills.
  • The Computer Software Development Certificate (CSDC) is for experienced programmers looking to update or retool their skills, or for individuals preparing to enter the Information Technology field who already have a bachelor's degree in a different discipline. The certificate courses focus on software development skills needed in industry today, and all courses are available through online learning.

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