Multimedia Information Design

The Multimedia Information Design programs at Cincinnati State prepare students to design and produce media content in all formats. The final product might be distributed as a component of a mobile device application, a website, a TV or radio commercial, a production for television or movies, an interactive DVD, or printed information. The target audience may be a few people or many, and the products may be created for educational, entertainment, or commercial use.

Multimedia Information Design (MID) programs include three associate's degrees and a certificate:

All students complete a core set of courses covering basic skills in design and production of media content. Subsequent courses introduce program-specific competencies, ranging from 3-D animation to music video production.

Most of the Multimedia Information Design labs are housed in the College’s Advanced Technology & Learning Center on the Clifton Campus. Students have access to a professional video studio and editing lab, a recording studio and digital mixing labs, usability testing labs, and computer labs.

Students entering any of the Multimedia Information Design programs are expected to own a laptop computer and frequently-used software. Additional information about this requirement is available from program faculty, and on the College website pages for each MID degree or certificate program.

For more information, please contact the Engineering and Information Technologies Division at (513) 569-1743.