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CHE 105 Chemistry for Consumers 3 Credits. 2 Lecture Hours. 2 Lab Hours.

A course for non-science majors on the relevance of basic principles of chemistry to daily life. Topics include: laboratory/data analysis, matter classification, the periodic table, compound formation, chemical reactions, synthesis/analysis of consumer products, and the global impact of consumerism.
Prerequisites: ENG 085 and MAT 093 (minimum grade C for both), or appropriate placement test scores
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Ohio Transfer Module Approved

Courses Earned through AP Credit

...3 CHE 121 : General Chemistry 1 & CHE 131...Microeconomics 3-5 ECO 105 : Principles of Microeconomics...

Graduation Requirements

...BIO Chemistry department code CHE Environmental Science department...College Survival Skills, FYE 105 College Success Strategies...

Courses Earned through CLEP Credit

...Chemistry 66 and above CHE 121 : General Chemistry...56 and above SOC 105 : Introduction to Sociology...