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CHE 121 General Chemistry 1 4 Credits. 4 Lecture Hours. 0 Lab Hour.

A general chemistry course for science majors. Topics include: measurement systems; composition, properties, and reactions of elements and compounds; states of matter; atomic structure and bonding; and solution chemistry.
Prerequisites: High School Chemistry (within three years, minimum grade B) or CHE 100 or CHE 110 (minimum grade C for both), and MAT 124 or MAT 096 (minimum grade C for both), and ENG 085 (minimum grade C), or appropriate placements
Corequisites: CHE 131
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Bioscience Certificate (BSCC)

...Bioscience Certificate (BSCC) Program Prerequisites: BIO 131, CHE 121, and CHEM 131 Electives Some courses...