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LAW 101 Business Law 3 Credits. 3 Lecture Hours. 0 Lab Hour.

A course on the legal environment in which businesses operate.
Prerequisites: ENG 085 (minimum grade C) or appropriate placement
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Ohio Transfer Assurance Guide Approved

Paralegal (PAR & LAW)

The Paralegal degree program prepares students to become Paralegals, also known as Legal Assistants. While earning an Associate of Applied Business degree, students gain knowledge and skills required to assist attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals in many legal practice settings.

Law Enforcement (ATSLE)

The Associate of Technical Studies degree program in Law Enforcement is for individuals currently working in law enforcement who want to qualify for advancement within their field. The ATSLE provides an opportunity for certified Ohio police/peace officers to obtain an associate’s degree.

Courses Earned through CLEP Credit

...Credit 3 Introductory Business Law 57 and above LAW 101 : Business Law 3 Introductory Psychology...