Campus Life Services

Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities, located in ATLC Building Room 204 (Clifton Campus), provides services and programming for all students. These activities provide experiential learning options outside the classroom, promoting lifelong learning and building skills needed for academic success and college completion.

Student Activities provides opportunities for students to participate in a diverse range of activities and events on- and off-campus, including club/organization memberships as well as social and educational events. Students are encouraged to get involved in the planning and implementation of campus events and social activities.

Upcoming campus events are announced to students via College email and social media accounts, events calendars, and notices posted on-campus.

Clubs and Organizations

Students are encouraged to join clubs and organizations that appeal to their academic and social interests. Student organization offices are located in the Office of Student Activities. 

New clubs and organizations must be chartered through the Office of Student Activities and the Student Government. Additional information is available from the Office of Student Activities.

For a current list of student clubs and organizations, see the Student Clubs & Organizations page on the College website. 

Student Government

All students are encouraged to attend Student Government meetings. The Student Government is involved in student activities and acts as a liaison between students and the College administration. Additional information is available through the Office of Student Activities.

Surge Cards

Every student enrolled in classes is required to have a College identification card (SurgeCard) with them at all times for security purposes. The initial SurgeCard is free and is available from the Student Activities Office in ATLC Building Room 204 (Clifton Campus), after a student has registered for classes that semester. Students also have the option of requesting a SurgeCard online using the "Surge Card Request & Photo Submission" e-form, accessed through Blackboard.

The SurgeCard is required to use some campus services such as the Library, the Fitness Center, computer lab printing, and admission to some student activities. Additional uses for the SurgeCard include the bookstore, food services, day care door access for qualified parents, and other services.

Every registered student receives a credit for $15.00 on their SurgeCard each semester to be used for printing documents in College computer labs.

To replace a lost SurgeCard, go to the Cashier’s office on the ATLC Building Second Floor (Clifton Campus) and pay a $10.00 fee. Bring the receipt for this payment to the Student Activities Office and a replacement SurgeCard will be issued.

A SurgeCard is required to obtain information about available financial aid funds that can be used to purchase books in the College bookstore. Financial aid funds are never deposited on the SurgeCard.

More information about SurgeCards is available from the Student Activities Office, or phone (513) 569-5747 or via email at