Entrepreneurship Certificate (ETRPC)

Entrepreneurship Certificate (ETRPC)

The Entrepreneurship Certificate program provides knowledge in several areas of business to help the entrepreneur start a business or manage an existing business effectively.

Certificate coursework provides skills in accounting, management, and marketing that are necessary to start a successful business. Also, courses completed for the certificate apply toward the Associate of Applied Business degree in Business Management.

The Entrepreneurship Certificate can be competed through online learning.

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Entrepreneurship Certificate (ETRPC)

Semester 1LecLabCredits
MGT 101Principles of Management 303
ACC 101Financial Accounting 223
IM 111Computer Applications 233
MAT XXX Mathematics Elective  303
Semester 2  
MKT 130Principles of Sales 303
MGT 120Entrepreneurship 303
ECO 105Principles of Microeconomics 303
Semester 3  
MKT 101Principles of Marketing 303
LAW 101Business Law 303
XXX XXX Technical Elective  303
Total Credits:  28530


Technical Elective3
Consult with your Advisor to choose from one of these departments: ACC, AVP, CET, CUL, ECE, GRD, HFT, HRM, LH, MGT, MKT, PAS, RE
Mathematics Elective
MAT 105Quantitative Reasoning3
MAT 111Business Mathematics3
MAT 1153
MAT 131Statistics 13
MAT 151College Algebra4

Some courses are offered in alternative versions identified with a letter after the course number-- for example, ENG 101 and ENG 101A.

  • This curriculum displays only course numbers without the added letter.
  • The alternative version, when available, meets the requirements of the course version without the added letter.



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Business Division Advising

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