College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus (CCP) gives students in grades 7 through12 the opportunity to take college courses at no cost to students and families, and to earn both college credit and high school credit before graduating from high school. The program promotes rigorous academic pursuits and provides a variety of options for eligible high school students to get an early start toward completing a college degree.

Through Ohio’s CCP program, public school students may take Cincinnati State courses with no cost for tuition, books, or fees. Students at non-public schools or homeschools participating in CCP may have limited costs. Students from private high schools and homeschool students must apply to the Ohio Department of Education to receive funding to underwrite their costs; otherwise, Cincinnati State may bill students for courses registered. 

Qualified students may take college courses:

  • In the high school classroom, taught by a high school teacher who has been approved to teach the college course
  • At any Cincinnati State campus location, taught by Cincinnati State faculty
  • Online, taught by Cincinnati State faculty

All college courses taken as a CCP student result in both high school credit toward high school graduation, and college credit at Cincinnati State. Upon graduation from high school, students can continue their education at Cincinnati State to complete an associate's degree or certificate program, or can transfer college credits earned to another Ohio college or university.

Program Eligibility

The CCP program is for Ohio residents only. Ohio residents who intend to participate in CCP must file a Letter of Intent with their local school district each academic year by April 1.

Students who are eligible for the CCP Program are funded for a specific number of credit hours as determined by a state-provided formula. The families of students who register for additional credit hours are responsible for tuition and fees that exceed the approved number of credit hours.

Students who are not Ohio residents are not eligible for the CCP Program. Though non-Ohio residents cannot participate or receive funding, they may be able to enroll in College courses at the applicable non-resident or international tuition rate. For more information, contact the College Office of Admission at (513) 861-7700.

Academic Eligibility

Student eligibility requirements align with the Ohio Remediation-Free Standards. Appropriate placement scores, or alternative institutional placement procedures, are required for placement into selected courses.

To be accepted and enroll in CCP courses, students must meet one of the following requirements for each of the subject areas:

English & Social Sciences

  • Successful completion of two units of College Prep English/Language Arts with a minimum of a B average and the high school’s recommendation, OR
  • An ACT sub-score of 18 in English and 21 in Reading, or a college-ready score on the College's placement test

Math & Science

  • Successful completion of Algebra II or its equivalent with a minimum of a B average and the high school’s recommendation, OR
  • An ACT sub-score of 22 in Math, or a college-ready score on the College's placement test

Technical Courses

  • Other requirements may be identified that are specific to each course.

For additional CCP information:

  • For students taking courses on the College campus, contact the Office of Admission at (513) 861-7700.
  • For students taking courses off-campus at partner high schools, contact the Off-Campus Programs office at (513) 569-4988.