Cincinnati State provides a variety of parking and transportation options for its students, faculty and staff. The College strives to utilize its available parking resources for the benefit of students, employees, and visitors to insure that the parking areas are maintained and safe, and to promote transit, cycling, ride-sharing and other alternatives.

Metro Discount

Cincinnati State and Metro offer students significantly discounted rates. For $1, Cincinnati State students can ride any Metro bus route, at any time, to any place Metro travels. Students must have a valid SurgeCard to obtain a Metro discount card. To get a discount card, log into MyCState, choose MyServices, and click on the Metro Discount Card link under Transportation/Parking.

Parking Facilities

All Parking Facilities described below are on the Clifton Campus.

Central Parkway Garage: This structure, at the northernmost edge of the Clifton Campus, is open to students, employees, and visitors on a cash basis, as well as to anyone with a valid SurgeCard that includes a parking privilege. Payment is collected upon exit from the garage.

Ludlow Garage: The Ludlow Garage is located near Ludlow Avenue. It is open only to faculty, staff and students who have purchased a parking privilege. A SurgeCard reader is located at the entrance to the garage; neither cash nor the debit feature of the SurgeCard is accepted.

Lot A: Lot A is located off of College Drive and is reserved for faculty and staff only. Faculty and staff must swipe their SurgeCard at the entry gate to gain access to this lot.

Lot C: Lot C is open to students, employees, and visitors, either on a daily cash basis or to those who have purchased a parking privilege. (A SurgeCard or SurgeCard debit feature is accepted.) Access is available from Central Parkway, Ludlow Avenue, or College Drive.

Lot D: Lot D is located at the top of the front drive, at the end of A and B wings, and is reserved for faculty and staff only. Faculty and staff must swipe their SurgeCard at the entry gate to gain access to this lot.

Motorcycle/Bicycle Parking Areas: Motorcycle parking is permitted at the end of the Main Building, just off the front drive. This is the only location where motorcycle parking is permitted on campus. All motorcycles must be registered with the College's Police Department in Room 147 Main Building. Bicycles must be secured to a bicycle rack; one is located by the entrance to the Ludlow Avenue Garage, another near the loading dock for the Main Building. Bicycles should not be chained to trees or light poles.

Drop-off/Pick-up Area: Several parking spaces in front of Main Building, just south of the flagpole, have been designated for motorists to drop off or pick up passengers. Motorists must remain with their vehicle at all times.

Parking Regulations

The regulations in this section were developed by the Cincinnati State Police Department, and approved by the College administration in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code. Questions about parking should be directed to the Campus Police Department at (513) 569-1558.

Emergencies: Individuals who need assistance from Campus Police should call (513) 569-1558. Emergency phones are located on the Clifton Campus near the parking areas and in the garages. These phones are monitored by Campus Police 24 hours a day, with assistance from campus police dispatch services at the University of Cincinnati.

Campus Police officers are available to assist students, staff, and visitors who accidentally lock their keys in the car, need a jump start, or need air for low or flat tires. Contact the Police Department in Room 147 Main Building (Clifton Campus) or call (513) 569-1558 for assistance.

Citation Procedure: College parking regulations are enforced by the Campus Police. Any violations can result in a citation. Ignorance of College parking policy is not an excuse for operating or parking in violation.

  • College citations must be paid or appealed within 10 business days from the date of issue. After that time, the ability to appeal is lost.
  • Any citation not paid or appealed within 10 business days of issue will double in cost, and the vehicle involved is subject to impoundment.
  • After 30 days from issue, unpaid citations are automatically added to the student’s account.
  • Repeated or serious violations could result in loss of campus parking privileges, towing of vehicle, and/or impoundment at the owner’s expense.

Citations are payable at the Cashier’s Office or by mail to: Cincinnati State, Cashier’s Office, 3520 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45223.

Cincinnati State Police Officers may also issue state citations that are paid at the Hamilton County Justice Center.

Citation Appeal Procedure: Any ticket issued by Campus Police can be appealed by filling out the appeal form available from the Campus Police Department, Room 147 Main Building (Clifton Campus). The form must be completed and submitted within 10 business days after the ticket was issued. The findings of the Appeal Committee are final.

Handicapped Parking: Parking permits are available allowing use of the handicapped parking spaces. Both a state-issued license plate/plaque and a Cincinnati State parking permit are required. Contact Campus Police for details in Room 147 Main Building (Clifton Campus), or call (513) 569-1558.

Liability: Cincinnati State assumes no responsibility for theft or damage to vehicles parked on College property.

Parking Permit: The purchase and display of a parking permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space and does not justify parking against College policy.

Reserved Parking: Many parking spots in Lot D are reserved for specific faculty and staff members and are marked with the individual’s last name, either on an adjacent wall or on the parking stop at the front of the spot. These spots are reserved Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Parking in a reserved spot during these hours will result in a parking citation. (Note: The College has discontinued the practice of reserved parking and does not issue new reserved parking spots to faculty and staff.)

Visitor Parking: Paid visitor parking is available in the Central Parkway Garage or in Lot C-1. These lots can be used by students registering or visiting campus. 

Clifton Hills Residential Parking Ordinance: On-street parking in the Clifton Hills neighborhood adjoining the Cincinnati State Clifton Campus is governed by a City of Cincinnati residential permit parking ordinance. Those who park in this area without a residential parking sticker on their vehicle are at risk for a $50 parking ticket. The cost of that ticket doubles if the fine is not paid within seven days; a second offense within a year becomes a Class B Civil Offense carrying a $100 fine.

These parking restrictions apply between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. to Clifton Hills Avenue, Clifton Crest Terrace, and Clifton Hills Terrace, as well as portions of Ludlow Avenue and Old Ludlow Avenue marked by signs.