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FYE 100 College Survival Skills 1 Credit. 1 Lecture Hour. 0 Lab Hour.

An orientation to making a successful transition to college life. Topics include: study skills, time and financial management, netiquette, critical thinking, academic planning, goal setting, diversity, and campus resources. Students must complete one FYE course within the first 12 credits at Cincinnati State.
Prerequisites: Must meet standard for placement into ENG 101
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First Year Experience (FYE) Requirement

All Cincinnati State students who enroll in a degree program are required to complete a First Year Experience (FYE) course:  FYE 100  College Survival Skills (placement into ENG 101 is required);  FYE 105  College Success Strategies; or  FYE 110  Community College Experience.

Graduation Requirements

...Experience (FYE) course: FYE 100 College Survival Skills, FYE 105 College Success Strategies, or FYE...