First Year Experience (FYE) Requirement

All Cincinnati State students who enroll in a degree program are required to complete a First Year Experience (FYE) course: FYE 100 College Survival Skills (placement into ENG 101  is required); FYE 105 College Success Strategies; or FYE 110 Community College Experience.

FYE courses introduce students to the college experience and to Cincinnati State’s expectations and resources for new students, as well as college and life success skills. Students should work closely with an academic advisor to determine the appropriate course in which to enroll.

The FYE course must be completed as part of the first semester of classes taken at Cincinnati State. Students in the Cincinnati State Honors Program fulfill the FYE course requirement by completing HNR 100 Orientation to Honors.

Some certificate programs also require students to complete an FYE course. Each certificate program that requires completion of an FYE course is indicated in the curriculum published in this catalog.

Degree-seeking or certificate-seeking students who have already successfully completed 12 or more semester credits of college-level courses at another college or university and have received Cincinnati State transfer credit for these courses are not required to complete an FYE course.