Distance and Online Learning

Online Learning and Weekend Classes

Visit www.cincinnatistate.edu/online on the Cincinnati State website for the most current information about online learning.

Cincinnati State currently offers over 200 courses either totally or partially online. Online learning courses at Cincinnati State offer students a choice in how to complete coursework.

  • Totally online courses (marked WEB on course schedules) have no on-campus meetings.
  • Partially online courses (marked HYB on course schedules) have most of the educational activities occur online, but also include some required on-campus meetings.

Either choice gives students flexibility to include college classes with a busy lifestyle.

Success in Online Learning

Successful online students exhibit the following traits:

  • self-disciplined
  • self-motivated
  • good time management skills
  • independent learners
  • effective readers and writers
  • effective problem solvers

Success in online classes also requires students to be comfortable using basic features and functions of a computer such as:

  • sending and receiving email
  • downloading software
  • successfully attaching and sending documents
  • resolving simple technology issues
  • using word processing software

Some online courses require students to use other computer skills also.

Online Learning Definitions

Online/web-based (virtual): Courses that contain all online activities, with no scheduled campus meetings. However, in some online courses, students may be required to take tests on campus, or at a specially-arranged proctored location. These classes are identified in the registration process with the code WEB.

Hybrid: Courses that contain more than 70% online activities and also require regularly-scheduled on-campus meetings, which could include (for example) completing lab activities or delivering speeches. Testing may occur online, on campus, or at specially-arranged proctored sites. These classes are identified in the registration process with the code HYB.

Web-enhanced: Courses that are delivered primarily on-campus with required in-person attendance, but have some assignments, activities, discussions, and/or testing available online. These courses are not considered online learning courses.

Orientation for Cincinnati State Online Courses

Cincinnati State offers an Online Orientation Workshop for students considering this delivery method. The workshop includes online activities that students work on at their own pace, and should take about one to three hours to complete. For instructions on how to enroll, go to Online Orientation Workshop on the College website. After enrolling in the workshop, you will:

  • use the Blackboard online course delivery tools
  • identify policies and procedures that apply to online students
  • use College resources that support online students
  • recognize characteristics of successful online students

Taking Exams in Online Courses

In some online courses students may be allowed to take exams and quizzes online. However, some online learning courses may require students to come to campus for testing, or find a qualified proctor or testing center. External proctors must sign an agreement with the College in order to proctor an exam. Contact your instructor for further information.

Student Support Services for Online Learning

Library: The electronic resources available through the Johnnie Mae Berry Library and OhioLINK are licensed resources available to students on campus, and students completing their coursework online, at a distance.

Students wishing to use the library and its resources, including the electronic resources, must have a SurgeCard, Cincinnati State’s identification card. The SurgeCard also allows students to borrow books from college and university libraries that are part of the OhioLINK system. Students can obtain a SurgeCard from the Office of Student Activities, ATLC Room 204 (Clifton Campus). Online students who cannot come to campus may contact Student Activities at (513) 569-5747 for additional information.

Bookstore: Cincinnati State’s Follett Bookstore provides online access to order books, supplies, and materials. Students may order textbooks and merchandise from the bookstore’s website, www.cincinnatistate.edu/on-campus/bookstore. Online students may have materials shipped to them, or if they are near the campus, may pick up materials at the bookstore.

Many Cincinnati State instructors use customized versions of textbooks which are not available at other online retailers. Cincinnati State’s bookstore is the only place to obtain these materials. Check with your instructor to determine if there are customized materials that should be purchased.

Technical Help Desk: The College Help Desk can assist online students with technical problems related to their online learning courses. Live Help Desk assistance is available at (513) 569-1234 during the following times:

Monday through Thursday - 7 a.m to 11 p.m.
Friday - 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday - 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Email assistance is available 24/7 at itshelpdesk@cincinnatistate.edu. Students using the Helpdesk email can expect a response within 24 hours.

Academic Advising for Online Students: At Cincinnati State, students are assigned an academic advisor based on their program choice. Advisors for online students are the same as those advising students who complete non-online classes. Students should touch base frequently with their advisor—in person, by email, or via phone—to ensure success in achieving academic goals. Students may contact their academic advisor by calling (513) 569-1552 or through their division office.

Registration: Registration for all Cincinnati State courses is available online. For available online courses, use your Cincinnati State login to view courses on MyServices. Online courses are noted in registration information with the codes WEB (fully-online course) or HYB (hybrid course). Online students are encouraged to view the comments section for each hybrid course for information about required on-campus meetings.

Cost for online courses: Tuition for online courses is the same as on-campus courses. Web-based courses are assessed an additional fee of ten dollars ($10) per credit hour.

How to get started: Applying for admission to Cincinnati State to take online classes is easy and convenient. The admission process is completely online and open to everyone. The admissions process is the same for students taking online courses and those taking traditional courses.

To begin your application, visit the Admission Overview page on the College website.

Programs and Courses

The following associate’s degree programs and certificate programs are available via online delivery. Speak with your academic advisor to answer any questions you may have regarding online learning programs.

Business Division

Associate Degrees

Accounting Technology 
Administrative Assistant 
Financial Services
Hospitality Management (ServSafe certification is required, which is obtained by taking course HRM 105, Food Service Sanitation, on campus. Students who provide a ServSafe Certificate of Certification to their advisor will not have to take HRM 105 on campus.)
Legal Administrative Assistant
Medical Administrative Assistant
Pre-Business Administration (Students should consult with their advisor to ensure math courses will transfer.)


Accounting Certificate
Computer Applications
Financial Planning
Virtual Assistant (For online completion of IM 155, Emerging Technologies and Social Media, students must purchase Dragon voice recognition software.)

Center for Innovative Technologies

Associate Degree

Computer Programming and Database Management

In collaboration with Health and Public Safety

Health Information Technology - Health Informatics Major
Health Information Technology - Healthcare Programming and Analysis Major


Advanced Surveying Certificate

Health and Public Safety

Associate Degrees

Health Information Management
Public Safety Technology


Coding Specialist Certificate
Health and Fitness Special Populations Certificate
Homeland Security Certificate

Weekend Classes

Cincinnati State schedules a range of classes on weekends. For selected associate’s degree and certificate programs, the College provides opportunities for students to complete their programs with all classes scheduled in a combination of weekend and evening classes, or a combination of weekend and online classes. Students seeking more information about possible weekend classes should contact the academic division that offers the program of interest.