Engineering and Information Technologies Division

Division Office: Main Building Room 210, Clifton Campus

Division Phone Number: (513) 569-1743

The Engineering and Information Technologies Division provides Cincinnati State’s associate's degree programs and majors in engineering technologies, information technologies, aviation maintenance, and multimedia fields. The division offers a number of associate's degree and certificate programs that prepare students for a career in a variety of technical fields or a possible pathway to a bachelor's degree.

The division also offers a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Land Surveying. 

Cincinnati State has been recognized nationally as one of the top schools in Ohio for engineering-related associate's degrees.

The mission of the Engineering and Information Technologies Division is to equip students with the technical skills needed to succeed and prosper in the workforce, while also providing the foundation for continuing educational growth.

The academic programs within the Engineering and Information Technologies Division are organized into the following departments:

All of the degree programs offered by the Engineering and Information Technologies Division feature:

  • Faculty with professional experience in their areas of instruction, who also are advisors to students throughout their college experience.
  • Technical coursework that blends basic theory (including skills in mathematics and science, as applicable) with extensive hands-on laboratory practice.
  • Foundation academic skills courses in written communication; arts and humanities; and natural, behavioral, or social sciences.
  • Ease of transfer to a number of bachelor's degree programs.
  • Cooperative education work experience. The close tie with industry created by the cooperative education component ensures all programs remain technically current, and provides students with practical workplace knowledge and experience prior to graduation.
  • The Civil Engineering Technology program has earned accreditation through the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, 415 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201-4012. Phone (410) 347-7700. The Civil Engineering Technology Construction Management Major is also accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE), 1717 North Loop 1604 East, Suite 320, San Antonio, TX 78232-1570. Phone (210) 495-6161.
  • The Aviation Maintenance Technology associate's degree program and related certificate programs are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Technical coursework is offered exclusively at the Cincinnati State West campus in Harrison, Ohio.

The Engineering and Information Technologies Division collaborates with the College’s Workforce Development Center in offering the Applied Technology Specialist degree, which allows students with military experience, Career Center certificates, or technical work history to earn college credit for past training or experience.

The Engineering and Information Technologies Division also offers a number of certificate programs that address specific technical skills. Certificates have fewer course requirements than an associate’s degree, and typically can be completed in a year or less.

Cooperative Education

The cooperative education experience is a cornerstone of the educational process in the Engineering and Information Technologies Division.

All students enrolled in associate’s or bachelor's degree programs are required to participate in cooperative education. Most students complete this requirement through on-site cooperative education assignments. Students may earn credit through full-time or part-time work assignments, depending on job availability.

In a few academic programs where competition for entry-level assignments is particularly strong, students may have opportunities to meet requirements for experiential learning by participating in unpaid internships.

Students may also be able to substitute appropriate academic courses or previous related work experience for cooperative education employment, with prior approval from the appropriate co-op coordinator.

For eligibility requirements, co-op registration policies, and other issues related to cooperative education, please refer to the Cooperative Education Program section of this catalog.

College Orientation

To set the stage for success in the college experience, degree-seeking students are required to complete a college First Year Experience (FYE) course within the first 12 credit hours taken at Cincinnati State.

Entrance Competencies

To ensure success in academic studies in Engineering and Information Technologies, entering students must meet established academic levels in mathematics, written communication skills, and reading comprehension. As part of the admission process, entering students meet with an academic advisor who may identify academic foundations-level classes to help the student reach needed levels. Preparatory classes are available year-round, and are designed to increase students' opportunities for success in their courses.

Students entering most academic programs in Engineering and Information Technologies must demonstrate competence with commonly-used software applications and with basic internet operations. Students may be asked to demonstrate these competencies through standardized skills assessment tests or by completing prerequisite courses if necessary. Program advisors assist students in determining whether they meet minimum competencies.

Full-time students who follow the published sequence of courses can complete an associate’s degree program in two years.

Transfer to Baccalaureate Programs

The Engineering and Information Technologies Division offers a Pre-Engineering program. Graduates earn an Associate of Science degree and are prepared to enter a baccalaureate program in an engineering science field.

Many of the Associate of Applied Science degree programs offered by the Engineering and Information Technologies Division have established articulation agreements to ease transfer of credits earned at Cincinnati State to baccalaureate programs at various colleges and universities. Agreements are in place with the University of Cincinnati, Wright State University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Miami University, Northern Kentucky University, and Wilmington College, among others. These agreements vary in content. Interested students should meet with their program advisor as early as possible to review the details of possible transfer arrangements.

Transfer Module

The Ohio Department of Higher Education developed the Ohio Transfer Module to facilitate transfer of credits from one Ohio public college or university to another. The transfer module contains 36 to 40 semester hours of course credits in the areas of communication, mathematics, arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and natural and physical sciences. A transfer module completed at one college or university automatically meets the requirements for the transfer module at another college or university once the student is admitted. For additional information, see the State of Ohio Policy for Institutional Transfer and the Transfer Module sections of this Catalog.

Associate’s degree programs in the Center for Innovative Technologies contain in their curricula many of the required courses for the Cincinnati State Transfer Module. The Pre-Engineering degree contains the entire transfer module. Students who wish to complete the transfer module should schedule the additional courses at their convenience.

Students who transfer to an Ohio public university for baccalaureate degrees will find that the Cincinnati State Associate of Applied Science degree, combined with a transfer module showing grades of C or higher, receives preferential consideration at the receiving institution. Additionally, transfer is streamlined for graduates of some Center for Innovative Technologies programs by the articulation agreements described above.