Engineering Technology Transfer Certificate (ETTC)

Engineering Technology Transfer Certificate (ETTC)

Note: As of June 1, 2020, this certificate is not eligible for financial aid. For the most recent information, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

The Engineering Technology Transfer Certificate is designed for students who plan to transfer to a bachelor's degree program in an engineering technology field.

Students seeking this certificate must also be enrolled in (or previously completed) an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in an engineering technology field such as Civil Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology, Environmental Engineering Technology, or Mechanical Engineering Technology.

The coursework included in the certificate supplements coursework required for the AAS degree and provides an additional year of transferable credit toward the bachelor's degree program of choice.

Students complete the Ohio Transfer Module as part of the Engineering Technology Transfer Certificate.

Certificate-seeking students work closely with their academic advisor to ensure that courses selected align with the requirements of the institution where the student plans to earn a bachelor's degree.

For more information, please contact the Engineering and Information Technologies Division at (513) 569-1743.

To apply for this program at Cincinnati State, visit the Admissions section of the College website.

Engineering Technology Transfer Certificate (ETTC)

First Year
Semester 1LecLabCredits
MAT 251Calculus 1 505
IT 101Programming 1 233
ENG 104English Composition 2: Technical Communication 303
XXX XXX Technical Elective 1  233
Semester 2  
MAT 252Calculus 2 505
XXX XXX Social/Behavioral Science Transfer Module Elective 1  303
XXX XXX Technical Elective 2  233
XXX XXX Arts/Humanities Transfer Module Elective 1  303
Semester 3  
PHY 152Physics 2: Algebra and Trigonometry-Based 334
XXX XXX Social/Behavioral Science Elective 2  303
XXX XXX Arts/Humanities Transfer Module Elective 2  303
Semester 4  
CHE 110Fundamentals of Chemistry 334
COMM 110Public Speaking 303
XXX XXX Technical Elective 3  303
Total Credits:  431548


Arts/Humanities Electives (select 2 courses)
Any Transfer Module courses from ART, MUS, THE or COMM 130
Social /Behavioral Science Electives (select 2 courses)
Any Transfer Module courses from SOC, PSY, HST, LBR, ECO
Technical Electives *
EMET 245Laser 13
EMET 270Robotics and Servomechanisms4
EMET 275Electric Drive Mechanisms4
EET 121Digital Systems 13
ESET 220Microprocessor Systems4
ESET 251Electronics4
EVS 120Environmental Geology4
IT 102Programming 23
IT 161Java Programming 13
MET 131MET Computer Aided Drafting 13
MET 140Engineering Materials3
NETC 121Network Communications 13
NETC 122Network Communications 23
PSET 140Power Systems Foundations3
EET 131Circuit Analysis 14
EMET 180Process Instrumentation3
CIT 130Engineering Programming with MATLAB3


Program Chair/Advisor

Lawrence (Larry) Feist, BS