Courses Available for Credit by Cincinnati State Exam (Test Out)

For additional information on earning credit through internal exams, see “Advanced Standing Credit” in the Academic Policies and Procedures section of this catalog.

Business Technologies

No test outs offered

Center for Innovative Technologies

Course Course Title Monitor
BMT 151Biomedical Instrumentation 1R. Whaley
BMT 252Biomedical Instrumentation 2R. Whaley
EET 101Electronic Fundamentals 1R. Whaley
EET 121Digital Systems 1 R. Whaley
EET 122Digital Systems 2R. Whaley
EET 131Circuit Analysis 1R. Whaley
EET 132Circuit Analysis 2R. Whaley
EET 220Microprocessor SystemsR. Whaley
EET 251ElectronicsR. Whaley
MET 111Manufacturing Processes 1M. DeVore
MET 131MET Computer Aided Drafting 1M. DeVore

Health and Public Safety

Course Course Title Monitor
HIM 105Legal Aspects of Health Info. Mgmt.C. Kneip
HIM 115Clinical Abstracting of Health DataC. Kneip
HIM 125CPT CodingC. Kneip
HIM 205ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS CodingC. Kneip
MCH 100Healthcare InformaticsD. Robinson
MCH 101Medical Terminology 1 D. Robinson
MCH 102Medical Terminology 2D. Robinson
MCH 104Accelerated Medical TerminologyD. Robinson
MCH 110Orientation to Health RecordsD. Robinson
MCH 120Health Unit Coordinator TrainingD. Robinson
MCH 188Patient Care SkillsD. Robinson

Humanities and Sciences

Course Course Title Monitor
ECO 105Principles of MicroeconomicsP. Davis
ECO 110Principles of MacroeconomicsP. Davis
ENG 101English CompositionG. Woolf
ENG 104Composition and Technical CommunicationG. Woolf
ENG 105Composition and Business CommunicationG. Woolf
LBR 105Introduction to Labor & Employee RelationsP. Davis
PSY 110Introduction to PsychologyP. Davis
PSY 205Child DevelopmentP. Davis
PSY 210Adolescent DevelopmentP. Davis
PSY 215Adult DevelopmentP. Davis
SOC 105Introduction to SociologyC. Bossard
SOC 140Sociology of GenderC. Bossard
SOC 115Marriage and the FamilyC. Bossard
SPN 101Elementary Spanish 1R. Moreno
SPN 102Elementary Spanish 2R. Moreno
SPN 200Spanish Conversation & CompositionR. Moreno
SPN 201Intermediate Spanish 1R. Moreno
SPN 202Intermediate Spanish 2R. Moreno
MAT 105Quantitative Reasoning for the SciencesJ. Schlaak
MAT 111Business Math 1J. Schlaak
MAT 115Pre-StatisticsJ. Schlaak
MAT 120Technical MathematicsM. House
MAT 121Technical Algebra and Geometry with StatisticsM. House
MAT 125Algebra and TrigonometryM. House
MAT 126Functions and CalculusM. House
MAT 131Statistics 1M. House
MAT 132Statistics 2M. House
MAT 150Intermediate AlgebraJ. Schlaak
MAT 151College AlgebraM. House
MAT 152TrigonometryM. House
MAT 153Pre-CalculusM. House
MAT 215Business CalculusM. House
MAT 251Calculus 1M. House
MAT 252Calculus 2M. House