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ENG 105 English Composition 2: Business Communication 3 Credits. 3 Lecture Hours. 0 Lab Hour.

A continuation of ENG 101. Topics include: planning, preparing, and revising business documents such as formal and informal business letters, emails, proposals, and reports; and using and reporting on research.
Prerequisites: ENG 101
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Ohio Transfer Module Approved

Ohio Transfer Assurance Guide Approved

Courses Earned through AP Credit

...5 ENG 101 : English Composition 1 & ENG 102...Microeconomics 3-5 ECO 105 : Principles of Microeconomics...

Graduation Requirements

...Written Communication department code ENG Arts/Humanities, Natural...College Survival Skills; FYE 105 College Success Strategies...

First Year Experience (FYE) Requirement

...College Survival Skills (placement into ENG 101 is required); FYE 105 College Success Strategies; or...